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                                       “Hicorp Intelligent Logistics Project”Officially Launched

        The sky is shining in July , and everyone is singing and laughing. Today, 100 years ago, a great political party solemnly declared its establishment. Today, 100 years ago, a red flag is rising in the wind. Hicorp Machinery (Qingdao) Company , a wholly-owned subsidiary of Qingdao Hicorp Group, officially launched the “Hicorp Intelligent Logistics Project ”at 9:00 a.m on July First, 2021. All in-service party members, cadres, team leaders , members of the intelligent logistics project team of Technology Department , all material planners and logistics personnel gathered at “Intelligent Logistics Center” , to jointly witness and record the official launch of the “Hicorp Intelligent Logistics Project”, to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China!
        Before the launching ceremony, Zhao Chuanfu, General Manger of Hicorp Machinery Company , made a speech . He pointed out that our President officially released the “Hicorp Intelligent Factory Project” at the third quarter Private Economy Innovation Conference in Qingdao in December 2020. All managers and employees are in charge of implementation and landing the project, we must deeply understand and carry out the strategic plan of “Hicorp Intelligent Factory ”, which is pointed out by our President.
        The core theme of “Hicorp Intelligent Factory” is to help textile enterprises build intelligent factories, enable “made in China” to win the respect of the world. “Hicorp Intelligent Logistics Project ” is an important step of “Hicorp Intelligent Factory”. Under the guidance of the Group’s two-year digital transformation strategy and the joint efforts of all managers and employees , the “Hicorp Intelligence Logistics Project” is officially launched today.
        At 9:19 a.m, Wang Chenji, Cui Guihua, Zhen Jiwei, Zhao Yang, Li He and Xu Xianxiao jointly pressed the start button, and the “Hicorp Intelligent Logistics Project” was officially launched .

        The official launch of “Hicorp Intelligent Logistics” marks that the company has taken a solid first step in the process of intelligent logistics management! In the next step, Hicorp Machinery Company will take this meeting as a new starting point, take the implementation of "Hicorp Intelligent Logistics Project and digital transformation and upgrading" as the top priority of the current work, and constantly create a new situation of "Hicorp Intelligent Logistics" with the spirit of seizing the day, daring to be the first and working hard.

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