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        Good News from Qingdao Putian Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
        On August 31, the Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of Shandong Province’s first one/set of technical equipment and key core component manufacturers and products in 2021. The series products of membrane aluminum alloy fuel tank from Qingdao Hicorp Group Holding Company - Qingdao Putian Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd., were successfully selected as the first one/set technical equipment of Shandong.

        Qingdao Putian Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of auto parts, biological liquid nitrogen tanks, and medical equipment. The company’s main products include LNG vehicle-mounted tanks, lightweight frames for vehicle-mounted tanks, Dewar bottles, liquid nitrogen biological containers, vaccine storage equipment, aluminum alloy fuel tank assemblies, aluminum alloy gas cylinder assemblies, etc. It owns national compulsory product certification (CCC ), CQC certificate, TS16949 certificate,  B4 pressure vessel manufacturing qualification, also being a member of China Automobile Industry Association and China Industrial Gas Association.

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